Retina & Uvea Clinic


Retina & Uvea Clinic iRIS Superspeciality Eye Hospital prides itself in providing the latest highly specialized tools used by Retina Specialists for procedures. At our Retina & Uvea clinic, we provide services that include, all kindsof  Vitreo Retina Surgery, all Anti-VEGF Injection ( Eyelea, Accentrix , Razumab, Avastin, [...]

Cataract Clinic


Cataract The cataract department deals with foggy and double vision. A wide range of surgeries and treatments are performed in this department. At our cataract clinic, we provide services that include Phaco, SICS, ECCE, Multifocal Lense, Multifocal ToricLense, Mono focal Lense, Sclera Fixated IOL (SFIOL), ICL/ IPCL ( [...]

Glaucoma Clinic


Glaucoma Clinic Glaucoma is a progressive vision condition that can lead to permanent blindness. iRISSuperspeciality Eye Hospital provides clinical expertise to the diagnosis and treatment of optic nerves. At our Glaucoma Clinic, we provide services that include Paediatric Glaucoma Surgery, Trab Surgery, Trabeculectomy Surgery, AGV Implant [...]

Oculoplastic Surgery


Oculoplastic Surgery The department of Oculoplastic is a highly advanced super- speciality department at iRISSuperspecility Eye Hospital. It deals with the reconstruction of the eye and associated structures. Our expert team on eyelid surgery treats eyelid malposition using surgical repairs and returning them to their normal positions. At [...]

Cornea Clinic


Cornea Clinic This department provides surgical treatment of corneal treatment, ocular trauma, chemical burn treatment, and many more. It is dedicated to providing the highest quality eye services. In our Cornea Clinic, we provide services that include, Conjunctivitis Injury, Keratitis ( Corneal Infection), Keratoconus, Corneal Transplant Specialist: [...]